About me


About Me

My educational qualification, experience and expertise in the fields of engineering helps me to lead the success and growth of my own life. You need to understand the practical importance with your efforts, strength and firm-determination.

1. Education – An educated person is considered as an asset in the society and the nation. Always Remember! By acquiring quality and high-professional education, you can be a tomorrow’ leader.

2. Experience – Practical knowledge and field experience is important for the specialization and expertise. Identifying every know-how of your interest area can provide you with lots of opportunities in different backgrounds.

3. Expertise – When you master’s the field, you can work for the society, contribute to the nation and change the world. Expertise helps you to break through the clutter of competition and gain attention with the ability to solve various problems.

Modern Facilities

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Teaching methods

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Electrical Engineering  


Business & Economics  

Computer Science  

My Fallow Teachers

Meet some of the members of our esteemed didactic team

Delmar Meszaros

Dean, School of Law

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Clare Grabowicz

Dean, School of Design

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Andrea Appiah

Head of University Library

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Deloria Merlani

Dean, School of Architecture

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Story of my life

Incidents, which shaped my life
Ellyn: “In condimentum facilisis porta sedec diam quisque eget odio”
At that time, the only thing my mind could hold was the completion of my graduation. I somehow completed my first year of college. At the beginning of second year days, I met an old man continuously struggling for repairing the chain of his bicycle. I stood up there and observe him. After the hours of observation, I realized that he was making different trails for the generation of new methods in repairing the bicycle. He was so passionate about his work and experimenting his art, that he didn’t changed his view. When I was going to my home back, I started thinking about the pattern of doing things.
Anna: “I have never thought I’d ever like it in college. I loved it!”
I narrated this story to one of my friend on the next day of the college and he made me realize about the importance of goals and aims in my life. Then, I started trying these scientific experiments at home which changed my area of interest. And the passion, hard-work and continuous learning take me to the next level of success.


“This College has made me a better person by developing positive attitude in the inner-side of my soul. It has widened my perspective regarding the existence of engineering education for girls. Having studied here for 3 years, my interests in the subjects are deepened. I want to thank Arun sir, for providing this wonderful opportunity.”

Sakshi Malik