I believe in on-going efforts and hard-work with positivity. No matter where you are standing in regards to position and success, it is important to learn and struggle, to apply it on your routine. You don’t need to run behind the success, if you devote your time and effort, success will automatically start running after you.

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Philosophy of my life


It helps in building strength to the character that allows great service to others, As the peace of mind and self-respect can lead the person to the top of the success and their dreams.


Our lives are full of ups and downs. But for the personal growth, being a sufferer and going through the tough times can help the individual to understand the importance of real values


Being known as a respectable, ethical, and integrity-driven person is not easy. But the Maintenance and sustainability of ethical standards and codes helps you to keep your values and success for longer time.


Significance of orientation programme

The thought of leaving home and getting freedom, contradicts their mind and that starts ideating the concept of fear, excitement and more feeling. Thus, we use orientation programme for those students. Orientation programme is a foundation for the first year commencing students learning and success. It facilitates the transition and integration of students into the […]

Independence day

Independence Day celebration

Independence – Free from dependence. We Indians are part of country that struggles for years to get free from slavery. We are now celebrating 71 year of independence with proud. This event focuses on the fulfillment of need of the nation’s need. Freedom doesn’t only define slavery; it also explains the removal of casteism, communalism, […]

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An undergraduate experience like no other

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Learn Client Relationship and Avoid these Mistakes

Learn Client Relationship and Avoid these Mistakes

As a specialist, in the event that you put as much vitality into developing customer connections as you do into your activities, achievement is standing by. As a designer gave to your profession, you shrug your shoulders in dismay when you experience extends that leave the validity of those asserting to be built in question! […]

“This College has made me a better person by developing positive attitude in the inner-side of my soul. It has widened my perspective regarding the existence of engineering education for girls. Having studied here for 3 years, myinterests in the subjects aredeepened. I want to thank Arun sir, for providing this wonderful opportunity”

Sakshi Malik Student Mechanical Engineering

“The reputation, top position and the past experiences of this college gained my attention. The efforts made by staff and the management team create the flexible environment for learning so that they can inculcate the spirit of standing out amongst the other talented and hard-working students”

Narendra Sharma Student Computer Science Engineering